Dj Dopy has been contacted by some big artists for new collaborations, stay tuned for more information about who these artists are!

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New Remix Onlineeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Teddo Juice – Cooldown (Dj Dopy`s Official Reggaeton Remix)

Check it out!!!!

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New remix finished,

This time i made a remix from Rihanna`s nr 1 song “Diamonds”.
A fresh Reggae version of a beautifull song for all the reggae lovers out here!!!

Free download @ Soundcloud!!!



PartyDjsUnitedDj Dopy has been asked to make a remix for a christmas song By PartyDjsUnited.
The song has been made by a whole group musician’s for the national foodbank.
They asked Dj Dopy for a remix of the track they made, and off course Dj Dopy agreed to make a Dopy version of the track!

All of the money that the tracks will bring will be donated to the food bank so everyone who hasn`t a great budget will be able to have a good christmas aswell.
On the 27th November the track will be released and on the 28th of November the track will be available on Itunes, Spotify and a web-based download portal.
The mastering of the remix has been done by AudioByRay who did an awesome job!!!
Also Peter Bosman is a BIG part of the project as he did 50% of the track aswell.
We hope that a lot of people are willing to buy the track and that everybody can have a warm and good christmas!

For more information check out the website PartyDjsUnited

Click here to buy the song and support the foodbank


The latest Official remix By Dj Dopy, Ft Re-Play – I want your ooh!


Soundcloud + Download:


A new remix is in production, this with the famous dutch rnb/soul group Re-play.
Dj Dopy is working on the remix from there latest song ” I want your Ooh”.
This remix will be the official reggaeton remix for this song and will be promoted in the Netherlands and Caribbean.
Keep the website on your favorites for be one of the first to hear the song, for now check out the original song below!