Dj Dopy has been contacted by some big artists for new collaborations, stay tuned for more information about who these artists are!

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Dj Dopy`s real name is Nick van Keulen.
Nick is 28 years and lives in Lelystad the Netherlands.

Dj Dopy started his career as Dj and Producer at a young age.
Always busy with music and try to make good remixes with a lot of success.
Dj Dopy build up is name in the music scene and has been a dj on a lot of

Dj Dopy has been interviewed on different radio stations and some television
Airpeace FM has invited Dj Dopy a couple of times to promote his remixes.

Tmf the biggest television music channel had a on screen phone interview with
Dj Dopy to watch the interview PRESS HERE.(The
interview is in dutch language)
Dj Dopy has also been on “Beneden Peil” A television program made by
and for younger people.